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7 Tips to Buy a Condo in Canada

Posted by greatpassion25 on January 17, 2024

buy a condo in canada

Today, our mission is to provide you the essential insights to guide you to buy a condo in Canada. Condo living is a popular residential choice, offering an affordable entry into the Canada housing market and serving as an ideal urban-living solution. With limited homeowner responsibilities focused on the unit’s interior, condos provide a hassle-free lifestyle—no grass cutting, snow removal, or garden upkeep, making them a savvy real estate investment. 

What is a Condominium?

A condominium, commonly known as a condo, refers to an individual’s ownership of a singular, private unit within a larger shared complex. While these units are privately owned, they are integral parts of a communal living arrangement. Condominium complexes often boast shared amenities, such as terraces, gyms, and pools, accessible to all unit owners. To cover the costs of maintenance, security, and administrative services, owners contribute a monthly condo fee. This fee ensures the collective upkeep of the shared spaces and facilitates the employment of necessary staff for the overall well-being of the condominium community.

So, what should we know when buying a condo in Canada?

Understanding the Types of Condo You Want to Buy

When you were ready to buy a condo in Canada, the first question to ask is: “What type of condo suits your needs?” If panoramic views appeal to you, high-rise condominiums may be the perfect fit. Alternatively, if you prefer owning both the unit and the land it sits on, then freehold condominiums might be what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of various condo types to help you make an informed decision.

Types of CondosDescription
High-Rise CondominiumsIdeal for urban living with panoramic views, high-rises offer multiple floors, numerous units, and shared amenities like gyms and rooftop terraces.
Low-Rise CondominiumsProviding a community-oriented feel, low-rises, found in urban and suburban settings, have fewer floors, units, and shared amenities, often featuring outdoor spaces.
Townhouse CondosCombining home-like appeal with condo living benefits, these two to three-story units, with individual entrances, suit various settings including urban and suburban.
Freehold CondominiumsResidents own both unit and land, offering control and a say in land use decisions, resembling traditional house ownership with shared amenities.
Leasehold CondominiumsResidents own the unit but lease land, common where land ownership is complex, requiring understanding of lease terms and potential renewal options.
Stacked TownhousesBalancing townhouse and apartment living, these multi-level units with shared or private entrances provide privacy and a unique living experience.


Look for Condos in Good Financial Shape

Assessing the financial well-being and stability of the condominium is pivotal when making the decision to buy a condo in Canada. It is crucial to confirm that the condo association effectively manages and maintains stable finances, as this significantly influences the long-term sustainability and value of your investment. Typically, condo management readily provides this information upon request, and the following are the primary five key considerations.

  • Reserve Fund: Ensuring that the reserve fund is adequately funded is crucial. This fund is set aside to cover major repairs and replacements of common elements within the condominium, such as the roof, elevators, or plumbing.
  • Budgeting and Expenses: Reviewing the condo’s budget and financial statements helps assess how well the association manages its expenses, including operating costs, utilities, insurance, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Condo Fees: Examining the structure and adequacy of condo fees is essential. Monthly fees should be reasonable and sufficient to cover routine maintenance and contribute to the reserve fund.
  • Special Assessments: Investigating whether there have been recent or planned special assessments is important. Special assessments are additional charges levied on unit owners to cover unexpected or significant expenses not covered by the regular budget.
  • Insurance Coverage: Confirming that the condo corporation has appropriate insurance coverage for the building and common areas, and understanding what is covered, is crucial for financial planning.

Search for Reliable Property Management Firm

Finding a good property management firm has a significant impact on your condo investment journey as they oversee the maintenance of the complex to ensure everything is running smoothly. A poor property management firm will frustrate you with delayed maintenance requests and frequently raise condo fees. Even worse, they could neglect to maintain your amenities which decreases the value of your unit. Therefore, it is crucial, before deciding to buy a condo in Canada, you must research who manages the property to ensure they are reliable to foster a positive and worry-free condominium living experience. 

Exclude Unimportant Condo Amenities 

Even if a condo owner chooses not to utilize certain facilities, they remain responsible for maintenance fees. Condo fees tend to be higher in properties with more amenities, as they come with increased maintenance costs. Therefore, it is prudent for buyers to consider only those amenities they genuinely intend to use. For instance, If you don’t plan to utilize specific facilities, such as swimming pools, it is advise to exclude them from your considerations to avoid incurring unnecessary monthly costs.

Additionally, here are the top three essential amenities to consider including in your condo selection criteria:

  • Parking Lot: Assessing the availability, convenience, and associated costs of parking spaces is crucial for condo living. If a condominium have limited parking spaces, residents may face challenges finding a spot during peak hours. 
  • Number of Elevators: Experiencing delays due to a sluggish elevator can be highly frustrating, particularly when residing on a higher floor. If your residence relies on elevators, it’s essential to ensure there are an ample number to efficiently handle peak periods, reducing both waiting times and unnecessary stress.
  • Security: Carefully examining the security measures in effect is crucial to establishing a secure living environment. Confirm whether your condominium provides 24/7 surveillance systems, secure entry points, and on-site security personnel, as these contribute to an elevated level of safety for residents.

Opt for Convenience Neighbourhood

To buy a Condo in Canada, the significance of the surrounding neighbourhoods cannot be overstated. Beyond the confines of individual units, the allure and functionality of a condominium are inherently intertwined with the community it calls home. The neighborhood serves as the canvas upon which the lifestyle of condominium residents is painted, influencing everything from daily routines to long-term investment value. 

Here, are some of the key considerations come into play when evaluating the suitability of a neighborhood for condo living:

  • Healthcare Facilities: The accessibility and quality of healthcare facilities should be a paramount concern. Proximity to hospitals, clinics, and medical services ensures residents have reliable healthcare support, fostering a sense of security and well-being.
  • Educational Facilities: The presence of reputable schools and educational institutions is crucial, especially for families or individuals planning for future educational needs. A neighborhood with excellent educational options adds value and convenience for residents with children or those pursuing ongoing learning.
  • Transportation Facilities: Efficient transportation infrastructure enhances the connectivity of a neighborhood. Proximity to public transportation, major roads, and highways facilitates easy commuting, contributing to a more convenient and accessible living experience.
  • Recreational Facilities: Beyond the confines of the condo, the availability of recreational spaces such as parks, sports facilities, and green areas contributes to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Access to these facilities encourages outdoor activities and community engagement.
  • Entertainment Facilities: A vibrant neighborhood with diverse entertainment options, including restaurants, theaters, and cultural venues, enriches the social fabric of the community. It provides residents with a range of leisure activities, fostering a dynamic and enjoyable living environment.

Understanding the Differences Between Resale & New Condo

The decision between a resale and a new condominium involves a nuanced evaluation of personal preferences, financial considerations, and lifestyle priorities. Opting for a resale condo may offer immediate occupancy, potential cost savings, and an established neighborhood. On the other hand, choosing a new condo allows for customization, the latest amenities, and often, energy-efficient features. Considerations such as the urgency of occupancy, budget constraints, and the allure of modern conveniences will play pivotal roles in guiding this decision. Therefore, it’s essential to weigh the key differences for both options before you buy a condo in Canada. 

FactorsResale CondoNew Condo
Age of PropertyOlder construction with potential aging infrastructureRecently built or under construction
Occupancy TimingImmediate occupancy upon purchaseMay involve waiting for construction completion and it may take years
CustomizationLimited ability to customize; may require renovationsOften allows for customization during the pre-construction phase
ConditionMay have wear and tear, requiring maintenanceGenerally in pristine condition with modern features
AmenitiesMay not have the latest amenities found in new condosOften equipped with modern facilities and technology
Market DynamicsImmediate market conditions impact pricingPricing may be influenced by pre-construction sales and market trends
Resale PotentialExisting resale market historyMay have limited resale history, potential for higher appreciation
Maintenance CostsPotentially higher maintenance costs for older systemsLower initial maintenance costs, but can rise over time


Find a Trusted Agent to Buy a Condo in Canada

Now comes the crucial step of identifying the right professionals to assist you to buy a condo in Canada. It is imperative to connect with a dependable real estate agent or realtor, as they play a pivotal role in navigating the intricacies of the complex property acquisition process. These professionals possess the expertise and local market knowledge necessary to help you identify suitable condos based on your preferences, negotiate favorable terms, and navigate legal and financial intricacies.

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